Framed Etch-A-Sketch Patent Print
Framed Etch-A-Sketch Patent Print
Framed Etch-A-Sketch Patent Print

Framed Etch-A-Sketch Patent Print

  • Printed in the U.S.A. with archival ink
  • 11 X 14 inch framed and matted print
  • Two-inch black wood frame
  • Restored and digitally enhanced while maintaining the integrity of the original document
  • Antiqued blackboard finish
  • $20 flat fee shipping
  • Playfully decorate your office, home, and playroom with this fun Etch-A-Sketch patent, printed with archival ink on card stock and framed in a two-inch black wood frame. It is finished with a distressed vintage effect bringing character and atmosphere.

    "My invention has for its object a tracing device adapted to trace on a transparent surface all the lines, symbols, drawings, letter-press which may be desired and to wipe them out instantaneously. . . .This arrangement, which is capable of many applications for advertising purposes, for moving pictures, toys, testing means for instance, is constituted chiefly by a fluid tight case provided in its upper part with a translucent surface of glass or the like material. . . and may be immediately wiped out through a mere turning of the case upside down associated with a shaking of the latter."--Arthur Grandjean. Filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office July 23, 1959.

  • The patent act of 1790 established the rules for submitting a patent application. Each application had to be submitted with specifications, a patent drawing, and if possible a model of the invention. Eventually, models were no longer required.

    The National Archives holds nearly three million patent case files from 1836-1956.