2 Cents Lapel Pin
2 Cents Lapel Pin
2 Cents Lapel Pin

2 Cents Lapel Pin

  • National Archives Store Exclusive
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 3/4 inch in diameter
  • Gold plate
  • The lapel pin makes a terrific accessory and is quite useful when you need two cents to share. Wear on your lapel, or use this unique piece as a tie tack. The pin has two clutch back attachments to help keep your pin in place.

    The exquisite reproduction is made of solid brass and stamped from a steel die, capturing the subtle details of the coin. The coin is then gold plated, resulting in a brilliant gold color. The coin's "heads" features a wheat wreath with the lettering "Two Cents" in its center. Above and around the wreath, "United States of America" is proudly displayed.

  • "My two cents" (2¢) is an American idiomatic expression, taken from the original "to put in my two pennies worth." By deprecating the opinion that follows, suggesting its value is only two cents, the user of the phrase hopes to lessen the impact of a potentially unpopular statement. The two-cent piece was produced by the Mint of the United States and was in circulation from1864 to 1872.

    Blackinton began in 1852 under the leadership of Virgil Blackinton in Attleboro Falls, Massachusetts. Versatility, creativity, and a local commitment to fine craftsmanship are the values upon which Blackinton has successfully sustained over 163 years of manufacturing excellence in the United States.

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