Framed Vintage Posters

During World War I, many branches of the federal government used posters to urge Americans to support the war effort. In a time without radio, TV, or Internet, posters were an inexpensive way to deliver powerful messages to millions of people. The government hired well-known artists to create designs that unified Americans. Posters continued to be published during World War II, and new posters are still in production today.

Two of the most famous cultural icons that emerged from these posters are Uncle Sam and Rosie the Riveter, who both represent a manifestation of the American spirit and patriotism. 

The National Archives holds close to 20,000 posters produced by military and civilian agencies, and the National Archives Store is delighted to offer a selection of some of the most popular posters with messages that still inspire us. Purchases from the National Archives Store generate financial and creative support for National Archives exhibitions, public programs, and educational initiatives, introducing America’s records, to people around the U.S. and the world.