Pentagon Black 4 Oz. Flask
Pentagon Black 4 Oz. Flask
Pentagon Black 4 Oz. Flask

Pentagon Black 4 Oz. Flask

  • High quality brushed stainless steel flask
  • Attached screw-down cap and Teflon seals
  • 3 3/4 X 2 3/4 inches
  • Printed durable water resistant vinyl flask covers
  • Hand washable
  • Individually leak tested for quality assurance
  • Gift boxed and ready to wrap
  • Although we do not recommend you try to sneak this flask through TSA or Pentagon security, thanks to the 21st Amendment that repealed the 18th Amendment on December 5, 1933, there is now no need for a camouflaged flask. You can celebrate your freedom to enjoy a little swill out of this handsome flask designed with an original drawing of the stately Pentagon by artist Liz Hutcheson.

  • The hip flask began to appear in its present form in the 18th century. Up until the Civil War, flasks were usually molded with uniquely American motifs, including the faces of favored Presidents, eagles, flags, and sometimes political slogans.

    Following ratification of the 18th Amendment, which mandated the nationwide prohibition of alcohol on January 17, 1920, the need for concealment caused more flasks to be sold in the following six months than during the entire previous decade. Originally, flask were mostly made out of glass, but upon noticing a suspicious bulge in someone's pocket, police officers indulged in "hip-hitting" with their nightsticks to break the flasks. A metal flask provided a little more security.