Catmander in Chief Coffee Mug
Catmander in Chief Coffee Mug
Catmander in Chief Coffee Mug
Catmander in Chief Coffee Mug
Catmander in Chief Coffee Mug

Catmander in Chief Coffee Mug

  • National Archives Store Exclusive
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Ceramic
  • 15 oz.
  • The Willow mug is here! We are like kitties with the zoomies as we present our mug celebrating America's Top Cat.

    We've been pulling strings and climbing the drapes to make this available for cat lovers everywhere. One of the White House's cutest occupants, Willow reminds us of the special place that pets hold in our hearts. A wonderful gift, this receptacle is perfect for your morning cup of Joe.

  • The White House has been the home not just to the Presidents and First Families, but also to all their family pets. Presidential pets have included barnyard animals, exotic birds, bears, alligators, and domesticated cats and many, many dogs! From FDR's Fala and the Bushes' Barney to the Obamas' Bo and Sunny and the Bidens’ Willow, Champ and Major, some of these pets have themselves become household names across America.

Customer Reviews

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nice big cup

nicely painted cat, big cup

Yay! Thank you, Sara!

Purrfect Mug!

This mug is terrific. Willow is a true cat-star and looks great in the front of this glass. High quality, made it thru the dishwasher fine and hold an extra large coffee nicely.
A great addition to my fun coffee mug collection!

Love Catmander in Chief mug.

Love Catmander in Chief mug. I am adopting two 15 year old Maine Coon cats next week.

Wonderful Christmas Present

My husband gave me Willow's cup for Christmas and I couldn't be happier (full disclosure: I follow Willow on Twitter and asked for the cup). It's a wonderful size, big enough for soup or a hefty helping of coffee or tea. It's sturdy and could even be used by guys with big bear-like hands! I love it!


only thing missing is Willow's name... too cute. Use it every day, it's big and purrfect for those cuppa teas on a cold northeast wintry day